Gabriel's House, Inc.

Founded and Directed by the Reverend Conitras M. Houston, affectionately called Pastor "C", Gabriel's House, Inc. is named and founded upon the principles and lifestyle of the late Rev. Dr. Gabriel S. Hardeman, Sr.  "Papa", as he was affectionately called by our founder and many others, was adamant about living a true and purposeful life.  Every morning, he started his morning off with the saying "Gabriel Hardeman reporting for duty...what would you have for me to do today?".  He stated that this reminded him that each day was not about him but what he could do to better the life of someone else.


On several occasions, he would share the story of a king and his three daughters with his mentee-Pastor "C":

    There was a king who had three daughters.  One day he asked his daughters how much they loved him and rewarded them based on their answers.  The first daughter replied "Daddy, I love you like sugar."  The king was pleased, blessed her, and sent her on her way.  The second daughter responded, "Daddy, I love you like honey."  The king was pleased, blessed her, and sent her on her way.  The third daughter came to the king and with great excitement stated, "Daddy, I love you like salt!"  The king was enraged and could not believe his daughter's description of her love for him.  So, he called for his attendants and had her banished to the dungeon.  When the king's cook heard of his punishment to the third daughter, he brought the king his favorite breakfast--homily grits, but he left out the salt.  As the king tasted the grits, he was not pleased and asked what the cook had done differently.  The cook replied I left out the salt!


After sharing this story, Papa explained too often people are willing to give "sugar" and "honey" to others--the sweet and tasty of life.  But it is salt that preserves us, and this is what we are called to do.  Therefore, the vision of Gabriel's House is to act as a preserving agent for community youth. Instead of giving them the sweet and tasty, we strive to offer training that will help to enhance the quality of their future.

"Too much sugar...Too much honey...Not enough SALT!" 


-Rev. Dr. Gabriel S. Hardeman, Sr.

(September 8, 1913- March 23, 2007)